Provider of M&E Operation & Maintenance Manuals for the London 2012 Handball Arena that will become a new multi sports facility in legacy mode after the more...
Operating and Maintenance Manuals
Each conventional manual comprises A4 size, loose-leaf four ring binders with hard plastic covers, appropriately title and fully indexed. Our standard format comprises the following:
1. Contents of Manual
2. Introduction and Project Title
3. Health, Safety and Welfare
4. Systems Description and Operation
5. Maintenance Procedures including disposal instructions, tracing faults, emergency maintenance and breakdown procedures
6. Schedules of Equipment and Manufacturers/Sub-Contractors
7. Spares Policy
8. Commissioning Data/Test Certificates/Distribution Board Schedules
9. ‘As Fitted’ Record Drawings
10. Manufacturers’ Literature
Each section is indexed and cross-referenced to the other sections as appropriate.

When collating manufacturer’s literature for insertion into a manual, MHP Technical Ltd contacts each supplier / sub-contractor directly in order to obtain the specific literature, as well as calling upon our own extensive library of manufacturers’ literature.

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